Whats up now…

So I’m back from holiday and started as a freelance network engineer with KPN Mobile (the largest telco in NL).
I’m sorry that I haven’t put any pictures or movies online yet…I know that some of you are waiting for those (Tim, Karlijn, enz. sorry!). They will come soon but I need to reinstall my laptop or buy a new one to be able to edit the movies lol

I’m still trying to get as many supporters for the Mammut Peak Project competition. I’ve posted some more info about this competition here.

Please, if you have not supported do so! You can vote for ‘my moutain’ on this website. If the site is slow or is not working please do let me know so I can vote for you. Only thing you need to do then is click on 1 link ­čÖé
Thanks in advance and thanks to all of you who have already voted!!