Trailwalker, new shoes, 60km walk and blisters

As most of you know by now I’m training a team of 4 guys who want to participate in the Dutch version of the Oxfam Novib Trailwalker. In short this means they have to walk 100km in 30 hours, finish with the whole team (or at least 3 of them) and raise €3000 sponsorship. Also it’s not a relay race which means they all have to walk the full 100km.
If you would like to know more about the Trailwalker make sure you visit the link above as well as this website.
Information in Dutch can be found here.
Make sure to visit the Walker Texas Barcode teampage as well. Ps. please do sponsor 😉

In order to be prepared as good as possible the guys have asked me to help them with the training. Training means basically walking, each time 10km more. During the training I give the guys some tips and tricks about clothing, shoes, when to take breaks, how fast to walk, etc.
This easter weekend the goal was to walk 60km split over 2 days in the area (Veluwe, The Netherlands) where the actual 100km walk would take place.
The weather was great and so we walked 20km on Saturday and 40 on Sunday which the team did great! Some blisters and some myalgia but nothing special or worse!
Also on Saturday evening we sat down and discussed ways to obtain the €3000. Robbing a bank….ask daddy….etc. This one is still in progress and is something the team needs to fix before June 1st so please do sponsor (did I already said that?)

Normally I would walk on Mammut Mamook GTX Men or Meindl Army Pro shoes, but because of the very warm weather these days in The Netherlands I thought lighter shoes would be better.
Because of the light terrain we would be walking on I decided to buy type A shoes from Mammut. To be exact the Mammut Tatlow GTX Men which is a lightweight and and highly breathable shoe.

Optimistic as I am I thought it would be no problem to walk 60km on new shoes….this was kind of a mistake; the shoes themselves are perfect as they fit well, are indeed breathable and walk like you are on feathers. It’s just my feat who are really not used to be standing on these kind of (new) shoes so I ended up, with ‘some’ blisters, after 45km on the terrace drinking beer somewhat earlier as the other guys 😉
Overall I can say the shoes fit, walk and look very well so once the blisters have healed I’ll be walking on them again for sure!

Did I mention the sponsoring part yet? Please visit the team page and make a small donation for Oxfam Novib and support these 4 guys who are going to perform this extraordinary achievement!