Grossglockner Stüdle Ridge

Last week I’ve climbed Grossglockner with my 77 year old dad via the Stüdle Ridge.
Despite the fact that we didn’t go very fast it was a really beautiful climb with great weather.

For both myself and my father it was a very emotional experience as in the early days when I was young he used to lead and now, after not having climbing together for a few years, it was my turn to take the lead. He handed over his great passion and hobby to me. Felt great for us to have done this together and put this crown on his climbing career.

I think the movie speaks for itself; have a look and if you have any questions about the climb feel free to ask!

Also for my father it was a very personal victory; 2 years ago he had to undergo bypass surgery because of Angina Pectoris. Right after the surgery he didn’t thought he could ever do this ever again and now he climbed this really classic alpine route!

As you can imagine I’m very proud!

Xmotion 2011 trekking Austria

For the 4th year in row members of the Dutch Alpine Team, Susanne, David and myself will be guiding the Xmotion Austria trekking again. I’ll be joining for the 2nd time.
What makes this trip special is not the height, strength or difficulty of the tour but the participants; all of them (10 in total) have one or multiple disorders like ADHD or autism or any form of those.
During this trip we won’t be only responsible for the climbing and safety but we will need to help the participants as well dealing with there own specific challenges. As you can imagine this makes such trips very demanding but even more interesting!

The area where we will be trekking is the Schobergroup near Lienz, Austria. It’s a region with a lot of possibilities and different routes to take in case we need to adjust the program.
The idea is to trek from shelter to shelter and climb 3 3000 meter peaks. Ofcourse it all depends on the group and the weather.

Last years movie:

This is the 2011 program:
Day  1: Friday           29-07 Departure to Austria from Rotterdam
Day  2: Saturday      30-07 1 hour walk to Lienzerhutte
Day  3: Sunday         31-07 3 hour walk to Wangenitszeehutte
1 hour via ferrata near the Wangenitszeehutte
Day  4: Monday        01-08 6 hour climbing Petzeck
Day  5: Tuesday       02-08 3 hour walk to Adolf Nossbergerhutte via Hohe Gradenscharte
Day  6: Wednesday 03-08 3 hour walk to Lienzerhutte via Niedere Gradenscharte
Day  7: Thursday     04-08 3 hour climbing Glodis and 2.5 hour walk to Hochschoberhutte
Day  8: Friday           05-08 5 hour climbing Hochschober
Day  9: Saturday      06-08 1.5 hour walk to Oberleidnich and night bus to NL
Day  10: Sunday       07-08 arrival in Rotterdam, NL

We are looking forward to it and wish all the participants and DAT members a great week!

Here you’ll find some pictures of the 2009 trekking. Link leads to the Facebook page; please like our page if you’re there anyway 🙂
For more information also visit the Xmotion website here.

What to do in a week around Zermatt

Next week the 2 ‘founding fathers’ of the Dutch Alpine Team, David and myself, will be in the Zermatt area in the Swiss for some climbing.

The plan is to climb at least one of the classic routes; the Taschhorn – Dom traverse.
Here’s some planning:

Friday 24/6
7:00 pm off to Randa (near Zermatt) (10 hours drive from Holland)

Saturday 25/6
Walk from Randa to the Täschhütte (2701 m)

Sunday 26/6
Climb Alphubel (4206 m) and then to Mischabeljochbivak (3847 m) to spend the night

Monday 27/6
Climb Täschhorn and then via Domjoch to Dom and then back to Randa.

The rest of the week we haven’t planned yet so if you have ideas?