Whats up now…

So I’m back from holiday and started as a freelance network engineer with KPN Mobile (the largest telco in NL).
I’m sorry that I haven’t put any pictures or movies online yet…I know that some of you are waiting for those (Tim, Karlijn, enz. sorry!). They will come soon but I need to reinstall my laptop or buy a new one to be able to edit the movies lol

I’m still trying to get as many supporters for the Mammut Peak Project competition. I’ve posted some more info about this competition here.

Please, if you have not supported do so! You can vote for ‘my moutain’ on this website. If the site is slow or is not working please do let me know so I can vote for you. Only thing you need to do then is click on 1 link ­čÖé
Thanks in advance and thanks to all of you who have already voted!!

Back from skiing and preparing for snowshoeing

I’ve just returned from a week of skiing in the Zillertal in Austria. The weather was very nice and it even gave us some fresh snow.
We’ve shot a lot of movies with the new Drift HD170 camera which I will upload after they have been edited.
Also the group of Autistic and/or ADHD people I’ve escorted liked the trip; most of them made really good progress with skiing or snowboarding.
Next trip with this organisation (Xmotion) will be a trekking in the Schobergruppe (Austria) in August. We will then be sleeping in mountain huts for one week and climbing some mountains.

The next few days I’ll be busy handling my email backlog and packing for snowshoeing in the Schobergruppe. We will then be sleeping in a winter camp which is nothing more than a simple wooden mountain hut without heating etc. We will need to bring all our own stuff; down sleeping bags, food, stoves and candles for lightning.
We will arrive there on Thursday and leave on Sunday again. In the meantime we will try to climb Hochschober which isn’t climbed much during winter season.

If you would like to join one of our trips feel free to contact me. We try to go for 2-3 times per year on these kind of long weekends and we are always seeking for new people to join; “the more the merrier” ­čÖé
Also we train a lot on climbing walls in the Netherlands.